Discover the Secrets to Weight Loss That So Many Other Elk Grove Residents Have At Synergy Total Fitness...

From the Desk of Dave Von Ruden
Owner of Synergy Total Fitness- Elk Grove, California

Dear Friends:

It's really true... You CAN Lose Weight and Keep it off FOREVER!

And, it really isn't difficult... once you let me show you how...

Now, for all my skeptical friends out there, let me share this with you first to set your mind at ease and show you how this weight loss program is different- REALLY DIFFERENT!

How is it different?

You mean, other than the fact that IT WORKS? ;-)

That's easy. It's different because... I UNDERSTAND.

Allow me to fully introduce myself and tell you what I mean when I say, "I understand your struggles with weight loss."

My name is Dave and I have worked with 100's of amazing people over the years as a coach. I have been in fitness for over 35 years and I have seen it all! I am a husband, father with 2 children, on a budget, tight for time and always looking for ways to maintain my fitness level and my health at the ripe age of 49! As you can see, there is a great deal of time and experience between those 35 years. it's amazing how much my coaching and way of thinking has changed in relation to my clients and how I make them successful. It's a beautiful thing.

So, as you can see, I very much understand the weight loss battle, and I know what it takes to get my clients into the best shape of their lives. I've dedicated my life to helping people right here in Elk Grove lose weight and feel great! Now, I want to help YOU lose weight and feel great, too!

Fair enough? Great

So please let me share some more details about our weight loss program and how you can start seeing results immediately. But first, let me overcome one of the biggest concerns I get when I talk to people about my weight loss program:

"Is this program really right for me?

Am I going to be able to handle it?"

"Is it going to be easy or basic?"

That is a very legitimate concern, and actually one I think needs to be asked. Unfortunately, in today's quick-fix and make-money-fast world a lot of good people are sold on weight loss programs that just aren't appropriate for them. Many of them are too generic, while others are way too advanced, and some are just downright INSANE!

The short answer to your question is, YES!

            Do you need to drop 10-40 pounds of body fat?

"Finally! An 12 Week Challenge Program That's Appropriate
For All Fitness Levels."

The STF system is a holistic (complete) approach to training. STF encompasses detailed dynamic warm-ups, speed training, strength training, endurance training, flexibility work, and nutrition all of which are based on a comprehensive evaluation process.

There are 6 sessions in a week consisting of 3 strength days and 3 metabolic conditioning days. We will never risk your body for injury because you will never train with more than 16 people in a group! I see these boot camps that are all about bringing in the $$$! These gyms will stuff 20, 30 and even 40 people in a room with little regard to your safety and results! WE believe in PERSONALIZATION and giving our clients the ATTENTION they deserve!

Our Proven Training Systems:

  • Motivational and Inspirational stories every single day without fail:)

  • Dynamic Warm-ups

  • Upper body strength training

  • Lower body strength training

  • Core training

  • Metabolic finishers (Cardiovascular) (you'll burn calories for the next 36 hours after this method!! Guaranteed!!)

This program utilizes weight training with emphasis on major strength increases.
Synergy is not just limited to athletics; we work with Moms, Dads, children or anybody that is looking to channel their inner athlete.  We are for EVERYONE!

We have clients ranging from 8 years old to 86 years old with everyone in between!

So you say you are not an athlete? I understand but if you could, would you like to look and feel like one??

Seriously, this program works for EVERYONE who wants ro commit Just take a look at these amazing results from all different types of people. I bet one of our successful members started off in a very similar spot as you...

Best thing of all... IT'S SO FUN with a positive family atmosphere!!


Check Out These Amazing Testimonies!

You Might Be Wondering, "Who is the Dave Guy?"

No WAY, not any more huh?

Actually, you are correct! As I stated earlier I am the husband of an amazing and beautiful wife, Yesel and a father of 2 beautiful children. You might guess that I don't have as much time as I used to. I am 49 years old, workout 3-5 days a week for 30 minutes max each time and I have my body fat under 10% currently. This is the beauty... I have designed a system for everyday people that can help them become the best version of themselves when they are just as busy and limited as I am!

I'm a 49 year old man, like I said been in the fitness field for over 35 years, I have degree in Kinesiology... so yeah, I'm a lifer here. All through my years I've helped hundreds of people, like you, achieve goals they never thought possible.

It's always awesome to see people walk out of their workouts and, over time, that have lost 50, 80, or even over 100 lbs. It's a blast helping clients get in better shape at 46 than they were at 26, training women to compete in their first 10k and help people get in shape for their big event photo shoots. I have coached a good many high level athletes in my career as well.

I've taking a liking to coaching those that are in their 30's, 40's, 50's, and even 60's to getting in the best shape of their life because I GET IT. Recovery is longer, injury happen easier, life is a lot more chaotic all the while you still think/fell that you are in your 20's; so it's a bit of a weird time in your life that your mind hasn't caught up to your body. You have to be smarter now. BUT, with smarter training and nutrition I get so amused seeing clients obtain levels of fitness far beyond what they were in their 20's.


What you'll get when you join our 12 Week Summer Slim Down Challenge!

  • Incredible Personal Coaching to keep you motivated, accountable and on track
  • Support and Accountability from our fitness family
  • Optional 2,3 and Unlimited Fat Burning Small Group Team Training Sessions
  • FREE DONE-FOR-YOU & PROVEN Fat Loss Nutrition Plan
  • FREE ACCESS to Private Challenge Facebook Support Group
  • Daily Motivational Tips, Workouts and Recipes
  • FREE Fat loss and nutrition workshop
  • And much more........

Normally valued at $597

NOW!  (SILVER) 2 times a week option $297

             (GOLD) 3 times a week option $369

             (PLATINUM) Unlimited Training option $419


"Now It's Your Turn to Lose Fat, Build Muscle, Feel Great
And Look The Best You Ever Have. You Deserve It Too!"

I really am excited to help you lose weight and get in great shape. Helping everyone with their weight loss goals is my passion - I'm 100% dedicated to helping lose your unwanted weight and get in shape NOW!

Let's get started. :)

In Health,
Dave Von Ruden

P.S.- Now's your chance to take advantage of our8 Week Challenge and see for yourself that YOU CAN ACHIEVE ALL YOUR WEIGHT LOSS & FITNESS GOALS!

P.P.S. - The next 12 weeks are going to go by no matter what... You might as well make good use of them with this special challenge offer!

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