“Announcing a Step by Step System for Developing Speed Mechanics"
Here are the speed and quickness mechanics proven to drastically improve any athlete…

Dear Coaches and Parents:
Do your athletes have the skills they need to be great at their sport, but just can’t seem to get that edge?
Do your athletes just need that little extra something to rise above the rest of the pack?
If you answered ‘Yes’ to either of these questions, then it’s clear what your athlete is missing.
It’s the same critical ability that separates athletes in every sport and at every level…

Speed and agility are skills that can and must be taught if your athletes are going to step up to the next level and blow the competition away!

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Here is what you'll learn in our 14 Day Speed & Agilty Academy and beyond

  • Arm Action, Arm Action, Arm Action… you know how important it is, and you see daily how poorly your athletes arm action is. Discover these quick drills that your athletes will pick up right away so you never have to see sloppy arm mechanics again
  • Lower Body Mechanics – these drills will put your athletes in the proper position every time. Being out of running alignment, just a little bit, is the difference from your athletes generating huge force & power or actually causing a braking action where they are slowing themselves down. They need to get this right if they ever want to reach their full speed potential.
  • You’ll discover my best Speed Drills for improving:
    • Backpedaling – breaking out of a backpedal, changing directions into a backpedal
    • And much, much more (again these are my top speed training drills I use with my elite college and professional athletes)
    • Change of Direction
    • Quick Steps
    • Pivots/Drop Steps
    • Jockeying
    • Crossover Running
    • Shuffling and Lateral Quickness

Listen to what our parents are saying about synergy speed academy

Synergy has been my off season routine since I was a junior in high school. They always get me ready for the grind of every season. I have had my best years on the mound after working out with the high level coaches at Synergy! I always show up to training ready to be better than the last season!
— Cameron K.Elk Grove, CA
Outstanding Program! Best investment we have ever made! We have had our 11 year old involved with Synergy for approximately 5-6 months. His running (form & speed), strength and agility has improved dramatically in such a short period of time! We are believers and will continue to make the Synergy Sports Training Program a priority for our son’s athletic development!
— Jon M. Elk Grove, CA
We love Synergy! I am so glad that we found them! They have the best sports training program we have ever been apart of! They are customer driven and will do what it takes to help you reach your goals. They want you to became a better athlete and will give you just enough push every workout to make you better! They are the best!
— Michelle R Elk Grove, Ca
Synergy is a great place to get your kid quicker, faster and to jump higher! The coaches and parents can’t believe the change in my son’s athleticsm! Thanks so much!
— Jill M. Elk Grove, CA
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