Imagine a Slimmer You

Most women who are trying to lose weight have an idea of how they want their body to look. Imagine a slimmer version of you will sets a goal for the brain to follow. The more a person engages in this type of visualization, the better chance they have for reaching their goals.

Keep your imagination stimulated with lots of visual aides:
If you have old photographs of yourself in a slimmer body, put them in frames and place them in areas where you will see them often. If you don’t have photos of yourself, choose images of women who have figures that you admire. These visual reminders will help to keep your imagination vivid.

When top athletes enter the ring, many of them use visualization. Either, due to the fact that they have been there before or because they have totally imagined the scenario and practiced their reactions, the act of visualization allows these athletes to perform under pressure with spectacular results. The same can apply for women who want to take their workout to the next level. Imagine the exercise, visualize the muscle groups that will be engaged and plan your reaction to the resistance of the challenge.

For the brain, this act of visualization is almost the same as if you had actually done this task before. You imagine the exercise and the muscles being used and you see yourself doing all of the reps and sets suggested. If you visualize each step before actually executing these moves, your success rate will soar.

There are so many possibilities when you practice visualization. It can boost your ability to achieve many of your goals, help you to reduce stress and benefit your relationships with others. Any ideas you have must first start with visualization.

Along with imagining a slimmer you, you will want to visualize living a healthier, more active lifestyle. You will want to focus on eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. Women’s fitness requires much more than imagination. It requires the commitment, dedication and perseverance to make positive lifelong changes in diet and exercise.