Kindness is my Jam

Kindness is my JAM. 


Well, it’s pretty simple actually: Kindness is free and it benefits EVERYONE.

I truly believe that being kind as often as possible is one of the best ways we can contribute as humans on this planet. It fosters connection, breaks down barriers, and makes it much easier to communicate. Kindness sets the stage for safe, open, meaningful discussions.

Does being kind mean you’re a push-over? That you let people take advantage of your kindness?

Of course not. Being nice is not the same as being a sucker or letting yourself get bullied. It simply means that you are responsible for your side of the street only–for your behavior and the energy you bring to the stage. You can’t control how the other actors in the scene will show up, so why not own your role and show up with kindness?

It’s okay to show up with kindness in your heart and in your expressions, with no expectation of how others will show up. In fact, when you respond to bullies with kindness, it often takes them out of the need to have power over you. Kindness is a reflection, and if you can hold up that mirror, even when someone is being nasty, you might actually help them see a different way of being.

If someone has shown you that maybe they aren’t your jam, by way of taking advantage of or disregarding your kindness, that’s okay! That doesn’t mean you let them walk all over you; it simply means that you create space between you and them–with kindness. Just because someone isn’t your jam, doesn’t mean you need to give yourself permission to be a jerk.

Remember, you are only in charge of YOU. Is “meanie” a moniker you want to assign yourself?

Give yourself permission to be kind. Choose kindness–even when the other party doesn’t. Because I think we can all agree that being mean is just lame. It’s unproductive, and it more than likely leaves us feeling worse than the person we’re directing our anger towards.