Take Your Workout To The Next Level

Anyone interested in women’s fitness should be aware of the importance of taking your workout to the next level. It simply is not okay to do the same exercises time and again at the gym or at home. Sure, any exercise is better than none. But if you think about it, doing the same exercises over and over are not much better for your body than walking around the house.

Once our bodies become adjusted to any form of exercise the benefits of the exercise decrease. The exercise is no longer a challenge to our muscles or our cardiovascular system, which sometimes results in a plateau in our workout. It simply isn’t doing for us what is used to do and the brain is most likely the culprit behind this plateau.

The brain in all of its glory, is probably the strongest part of your body. So when it is subjected to a new challenge, such as exercise, it must work hard in accomplishing this task. It super charges the cardiovascular system, alerts the muscles involved to become engaged and sends out enough hormones to accomplish the mission. All of this work burns calories as the body adjusts to the new challenges and the muscles work hard to bear the additional weight and stress. This is how the body works in the beginning of a new level of workout, however, it doesn’t remain that way.

As the brain becomes familiar with this workout, it seeks out a path to complete the task. In the meantime, the muscles are getting stronger and so the exercises are just keeping everything the same but not providing the challenge your body needs. You can of course, add more weight to your workout to increase the benefits, but there are other exercises you can do to give you even better results.

Confusing your muscle groups is a great way to build strength and tone your muscles too. During your strength training exercises take a minute and run in place, do jumping jacks, jump rope or hop on a treadmill or an elliptical machine. Reversing exercises, walking backwards, running backwards, working your biceps and your triceps are all great ways to train opposite areas of your muscles for better overall toning.

No matter what your level of women’s fitness, you can improve your workout and keep it interesting. And an interesting workout is a fun workout and we all know that a fun workout is a successful workout that can keep you fit for the rest of your life.