(Please don’t skip me!) Warm-up

I used to work with this uber rigid, oppressive coach.

In that gym, every single thing had to be exactly exact–to the letter. Training sessions in general were 2 hours or more from start to finish and if you couldn’t do the program exactly as is, you might as well not even lift. The warm-up alone was a minimum of 20 minutes! It was completely insane, and after not too long, ceased to be fun.

And play? Forget it. Play did not belong in the weight room.

For a time, I thought this was the way of the world, but after awhile I realized this was counter to everything I really felt in my heart–that movement is something that should be done intuitively, adaptively, and with gratitude.

Movement should be a celebration of strength and play, and never feel like an obligation.

This coach, unfortunately, didn’t share my sentiment–which is why I am so thankful to have grown and evolved from that line of thinking into a more adaptable, enthusiastic approach to movement. I’ve found that I might not have time for a full blown warm-up, but I can take just a few minutes to get my body ready to lift, jump, swing, and sprint.

Ain’t nobody got time for a 20-30 minute warmup, but I promise you’ve got time for this.