Coach Dave Von Ruden

Coach Dave Von Ruden

Our Mission

Our Mission at Synergy Total Fitness is to empower others to live up to their full potential through fitness to become healthier, develop more confidence, and feel UNSTOPPABLE through motivation, education, and our commitment to lead by example.


Why Synergy Total Fitness Will Work For You!

0ur clients are just like you. Real people who have put their health on the back-burner to their families and careers. They have tried everything yet need something different, something personal with lasting results. we're confident our programs are the most effective way to achieve lifetime body transformation results from a passionate and supportive community that you'll love.

Our Core Values

  • Faith, Honesty, and Integrity

  • Be “More Than Just Training”

  • Commitment to Client Results and Success

  • Provide accountability and Support

  • Provide the “BEST” Training and Nutrition Programs

  • Personal Responsibility and Accountability

  • Over Deliver Everyday