At Elk Grove Sports Performance we combine over 15 years of expert coaching with new cutting edge programs for our athletes to get faster, stronger, more dominant and injury resistant!

No matter your starting point or your goal, Elk Grove Sports Performance Training has the solution to bring out the best athlete in you!

We offer in season and off season training for soccer, football, basketball and baseball. What separates our athletes from the rest is that we coach you through a proven sports performance system that combines the newest drills and techniques alongside nutrition coaching to give your athlete the advantage!


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Elk Grove Sports Performance Training is for those of you who want to take your game to the next level! What differentiates average athletes from the great ones is a commitment to get better away from the game. You'll learn all the latest drills and techniques to get faster and stronger GUARANTEED!

Many of our top youth athletes come to us from Laguna Youth Baseball, Elk Grove Youth Baseball, Elk Grove AAU Basketball, Sacramento and Elk Grove Competitive Soccer Travel Programs, Sacramento and Elk Grove Travel Baseball, All Local Elk Grove High School Sports! We have a great reputation among the community and many of our athletes come through our athlete referral program.

All Elk Grove athletes can walk through our doors and begin building their athletic future the same way elite athletes do all around the world. Our elite coaching and state of the art training programs will transform you into the best athlete you can be.

We build athletes the right way! This is not some cookie cutter program you see in the park. Every day we will challenge our athletes to be better and when game time comes around, nobody will be more prepared than they are. If you're serious about getting your athlete to up[ his/her game then Fill out the application below and SCHEDULE A FREE ASSESSMENT with us!

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Coach D


What all of our athletes get by training with Elk Grove Sports Performance

• Evaluation & Movement Assessment (FREE RIGHT NOW) $99 Value

• Cutting edge Speed, Agility and Strength Programming

Mental Mindset, Self- Confidence, Positive Attitude

• Injury Reduction

• Coaching from Certified Professionals from IYCA

• Sports Specific Nutrition Guidelines

• Programs for In/off Season Training

• Fun & Competitive Environment

• Muscle building Programs

• 4000 Foot Premier Training Facility

In just ONE off-season I was able to increase my vertical jump by 12 Inches. I was never able to make increases like this before!
Coach Dave and Devin did an amazing job of preparing my son Marcus for the next level of soccer. Physically he went into the season with an advantage over all of his teammates. I would strongly recommend EGSP to any athlete at any level looking to get better. I know we’ll be back in a few months!

Scott E
“We take the kids here as much as we can for Speed & Agility training. They have become the quickest on the team since they started training 3 months ago. I highly recommend any parent to give their program a shot because i have seen it work first hand”. Thanks Coach Devin!

Mike Martinez, Father and Youth Sports Coach
“The mental and physical growth of my son, who started while in the 4th grade, has been tremendous. Strength and speed training with Coach Devin has changed his life. Athletically, he has transformed from an average player in the 4th grade to one of the dominant athletes on the field in the 6th grade. The psychological improvements are even more impressive. He has gained self-confidence and self-esteem through strength and speed training. Due to the positive experience my son has had, I recommend youth strength and speed training at Elk Grove Sports Performance to all I come in contact with.”

Ryan Madison

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