See why The Elk Grove Citizen called us the Best Personal Trainers in town

We have clients telling us everyday how they’ve tried other boot-camps, gyms and workout DVDs and have never found a program to work for them— until now.


Class Descriptions 

The Lower Body Burn 30

Tight Butt & Thighs Anyone? The focus of these sessions are strength dominate (to tone, NOT bulk) to help you tone up your entire lower body to get you faster results.

Full Body Metabolic Burn 30

This FAT attack is a deadly one. You’ll hit your full body through innovative and fun movements that will leave your metabolic rate on overdrive...these workouts are scientifically proven to elevate your metabolism for up to 72 hours!

The Upper Body Burn 30

In these sessions you will shrink your waist & strengthen your biceps, arms, shoulders, chest and back, giving you the defined look you want.

The Core Burn 30 (abs sculpting + core strengthening)

Blast away belly fat fast by working the front, sides and back part of your core. These proven sessions will flatten your stomach, reduce your low back pain, increase your performance and get you burning calories for days.

Cardio Burn 30

Running on the treadmill is about as fun as watching paint dry...not to mention extremely inefficient. In these sessions you’ll get the cardio your heart needs to be healthy and the fat burning you want to get the body you deserve.



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