Why did you join Synergy Total Fitness?
My initial reason was that I wanted to get back in shape. Then, the proximity, the staff, the cleanliness, the equipment, hours and it fits my budget.

What are your results so far?
I’m very happy with my result. Best shape I have ever been and beat my 10k time.

What do you think about our team and trainers?
I love the staff, very friendly and very knowledgeable. They are professional who know what they are doing and adapt the training to my needs in a safe environment.

If someone is thinking about trying out Synergy Total Fitness, what would you tell them?
I would definitely recommend Synergy Total Fitness. This is the place to go if you want results and get support from the staff to succeed.
— Frederic Dhalluin
After over 30 years of working out with weights, I tried the 28 day challenge at Synergy. It was fun, challenging, and the meals are life changing. I lost 11 lbs and 3% body fat. Two weeks later I’ve lost another 2 lbs. The instructors are great, it’s all about eating healthier, and the exercises are fun and challenging. It was a great experience! Thank-you Dave, Maddy, Devin and staff
— ‎Bryan Chew‎
My friend Robert recommended I start working out to get healthy and he sent me to Dave at Synergy Total Fitness in Elk Grove. I was dealing with lower back pain and wasn’t sure how this will all work but I was willing to give it a try. I was worried I was going to look stupid but Devin made feel comfortable. Devin talked with me and encouraged me to just keep trying. I didn’t realize that I needed help more with my mind then I did physically. My conversations with him were in little bits and pieces but they were so important. They were like 5 minute conversations but helped me so much that I kept coming back. Devin was doing his job training me on what to do with exercise but his voice spoke volumes to me. I didn’t know I needed that kind of support. My back problems disappeared within months of working out. I was shocked at how great I felt. I started to see results in my body shape and my clothes started to fit better. I slowly started to changed my eating habits, I’m not going to lie, I still struggle with my eating habits but the support I get from Dave and his team is priceless. I started to notice that my 12 year old son is inheriting my bad eating habits and that is the worst thing I could ever do as a mother. We are both trying to eat better now and we both workout at Synergy and have the best time. Thank you Dave and team for your encouragement and caring about my family to keep us motivated to eat right and exercise so that we live a healthy lifestyle. We love you guys!
— Maha Abeid
Our Super Star, Elisa
From a Size 14 to a Size 6 in just 6 months!

BEFORE: 173 lbs and 34% Body fat

AFTER: 131 lbs and 22% Body fat

LOST: 46 inches over her entire body!
— Elisa C, Sacramento CA
Back in my old jeans!

Yeah! Thanks to Synergy Total Fitness and the awesome coaches there, I have totally transformed my body and improved my self-esteem!

I have lost over 50 lbs. and I can get back into the jeans I wore a few years ago!

My friends and family are amazed at the new me and I have no problem recommending Synergy to anyone who needs some accountability and support in their weight loss battle!
— Stephanie
I started going to Synergy because even though I was “working out” at the gym I was not getting much results. The main difference between Synergy and the gym is results and I truly feel I am now getting a work out. My body began to change and I didn’t need a cup of coffee in the morning to get me going.
The work out was intense and challenging with a lot of core work out. It is always fun as well as challenging. The staff, Devin, Dave Arturo, and Maddie are very encouraging and positive. Just keep working out and control your food intake it will happen. They do not judge, and are very supportive.
I look forward to the work outs both am and pm and I know it will always be a different workout which helps my body not get used to one single activity. I have lost 43 lbs. and went down 2 sizes. I am not quitting there. My doctor tells me just 8 more pounds and I definitely want maintenance. This is a life style choice which feels great; I am happy to work hard to continue my healthy lifestyle.
The 21 day detox and the little black dress challenge were so helpful. At Synergy you get the whole pkg. menus, daily encouragement and a challenging fitness workout. I love it and can’t get enough of it!
— Laurie L., 52 years old
Dave’s Studio in Elk Grove made a huge impact on my everyday life! Before starting my 6 week program, I had always experienced difficulty in completing exercise programs. Even when I tried other training programs, I would feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable because of the crowds at the gym, and I was afraid of hurting my back since I have a severe case of scoliosis.
With all the issues concerning my back, I was a 24 year old who rarely worked out, ate nothing but carbohydrate heavy meals, and was highly stressed from work. Immediately after I joined their program, I noticed the heightened level of energy each morning. Even my stress levels dropped which helped me keep energy even after work. My trainer, Devin, worked very hard to tailor a program that would secure the stability of my back, but still challenged me physically. The trainers and Dave mapped out a diet plan that was reasonable and easy to follow.

Nothing un-natural or confusing.

Now, after the program, I’ve lost 10% in body fat, 4 ½ inches on my lower waist, and my energy levels are still soaring. I’m now back into a size 4 from a size 8! Fitness Together showed me how a few changes completely altered my body, my attitude, and my life. AND I’M NOT DONE! I’ve made positive changes to manage my time and include a regular workout 4 to 6 times a week. I’ve also changed my eating habits to limit some of my carbohydrates but still have a chance to enjoy meals. The best part is the strength I gained in my back has really helped reduce the pain that I used to experience.
— Anna
When I started at Synergy I was looking to get stronger physically and get some balance back in to my life. I came in at a time I was not eating well and thin on the looks of it, but not healthy. I was looking for something consistent for which I would be accountable to stick with because I knew I could not do it on my own and I felt Synergy may be a match for what I knew I needed. I recall, in the beginning first couple of months of training I was pushing myself to just get in, but your training environment is so inviting and caring that any unwanted feelings I had were ALWAYS squashed after a training session leaving with just the little boost I needed. Little by little though your training and dedication and with my desire, I am better than I have been in a long time. I feel STRONG and have gained so much knowledge along the way being able to apply different workout techniques at home and making healthy choices. You provide just that “push” towards my goals for being well physically and mentally. Your check-ins and weigh-ins kept me striving to be a little better than before. I will forever be grateful to each of you for taking me under your wings. It has been a true pleasure being a part of the Synergy family.
Best regards,
— Letty Lozano
I am a single mom working full time and always on the go. I desperately wanted and needed to work out. I needed someone to tell me how to work out. I needed to understand and educate myself about how to eat well. I needed someone to push me. I just didn’t know where to start because I was famous for joining a gym, showing up for about a week, and then watching the money come out of my bank account every month because I didn’t understand how to use the equipment but signed a contract so I was stuck. I needed a change.

Synergy was the change I was looking for. When I first joined, Dave (the owner) sat down with me, took my measurements, total body fat, gave me a packet that included what I SHOULD be eating, explained what I needed to do to see the changes I wanted to see and let me know he was there for any questions I had. I felt like I was finally in control of what I wanted to do because I knew the exact steps I needed to take.

Work-outs are 45 minutes long (there is also a new Burn 30 that is incredible) and designed to work your entire body while a trainer makes sure you are properly using the equipment, pushing you, cheering you on, and keeping time to tell you when to move to the next station. Dave, Devon, and Maddie are truly there to teach and support and push and lift you up when you’re frustrated and celebrate when you accomplish a goal. Synergy is more than just a gym – Synergy is a fitness family - each person that works out wants you to succeed. My goal is to lose 20 pounds - I’m down 10 pounds and know exactly what needs to be done to lose the next 10 pounds, Thank you Synergy, thank you for giving me a new love for working out and eating healthy. You have truly changed my life.
— Jennifer Zanardi
I came to train with Dave and his professional staff in January of 2011 desperate for some help. I was on so many medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and sleep apnea. My doctor pleaded with me on several occasions to lose the weight, but I kept putting it off until I reached 320 lbs. and I could barely move without feeling pain all over my body. Dave designed a long term plan that included working with my trainer Devin 3 times a week and some nutritional guidance that helped me build better eating habits.. In 15 months I have lost over 130 lbs., no longer take insulin, high cholesterol medication, I sleep so much better and I feel like I am in my 20’s again! My doctor was so shocked to see my body transform over time and said he would recommend Dave’s services to his patients who need help. I recommend Dave and his team to anyone who may be struggling with their health and in need of constant support and guidance.
— Shiekh